Oh my goodness, loved this place! It’s a very short hike, but there are rocks and roots to be careful of. Wear good shoes and enjoy!! I know I did! :-)
— Laura Clingman

This place is amazing for a first date
— Robin Hines

This is a must see if you enjoy unique beautiful nature! When on the trail you feel like you are in a far away place! It is So beautiful with the large rocks, caves, creek and trees. The biggest leaves on a tree we’ve ever seen! We also enjoyed a good lunch at the cafe after our hike!
— Teresa Calvery

A unique place for hiking. Beautiful surroundings

I can’t wait to go again. Nice easy hike.
— Kim Rosario

I’ve been going here since I was born, and this is my absolute favorite place I’ve ever been to. It’s always been my getaway from any and everything. I plan on bringing my entire in-law family this summer, plus my family! They’ve never been there before and I just cannot wait to show them all of my favorite spots in the canyon!! I always loved how they let you explore on your own. I found a ton of spots that nobody ever goes to that are just stunning, and I cannot wait to show these spots off to my children!! The plant and animal life here just keeps me speechless every time I am there. I love swimming under the falls, seeing the beautiful creeks and streams, feeling the water drip off of the caves onto my skin, navigating my way through the caves, visiting the amazing glow worms, searching the country store for their coolest items, and just so much more!! This is my all time favorite place that I’ve ever been to, and I will continue visiting every time it gets warm!!
— Adia Davis/Knowles

This place is so special. Magical. Quirky. Waterfall campsites. Really love it !
— Kelly

Alabama is such a beautiful place and that beauty shines here. Fantastic
— Jeff Dorough

Great place for a short adventure! They have made many improvements to the facilities and the canyon is beautiful.
— Alex Blassingame

This place is amazing for a light hike! The store is really cool!
— Johnathan Owens

Just plain awesome!
— Eric Johnson

Great walk through some awesome rocks and riverways. Went on a rainy day and added even more atmosphere to the place.
— Darius Moulton

Fun place to go. I brought my kids. But would love to go back without them. Beautiful scenic trails. Some of it was hard to maneuver so good comfy shoes are a must.
— Roberta Howell

One of Nature’s most beautiful places. People are friendly, food was good and family oriented. Will go back again!
— Lysa Presson

We took the family for the night tour and it was great!
— Jeff Woodall

Great place to visit. We took our 8 and 5 yr olds and had a good time on the trail.
— Mike Swafford

This place is a treasure. There are so many wonderful sites within 1.5 mile loop
— Patrick Bolack

Amazing! Gorgeous and very knowledgeable staff.
— Sarah Paulson

Absolutely beautiful!
— Beverly Sullivan

This place is incredible! Worth the drive to spend a few hours here. Great burgers too.
— Robb Hereford

Hot, but fun. Loved the cafe and store.
— Janice House

Love this place! It was very beautiful and a lot of fun!
— Drew Barnes

Nice place to visit very unique.
— Mark Collins

Cant wait to go again! We went during the day. All was beautiful. Nice walk, too!
— Pam Hurst

Great place to visit no smoking good spots for swimming to cool off good food an gift shop
— Steven Wyatt

We had a great time at the canyon. Our group ranged from 70 years old down to 4 years old and everyone was able to go pretty much everywhere.
— Amanda Owens

Very nice.cool on a hot summer day!
— Jeanette Wardrop

Enjoyed the 1.2 mile loop thru Dismals Canyon on a very relaxing and perfect weather day. Me, my wife and our 2 golden doodles enjoyed the beautiful canyon settings, the cool temperatures, the peacefulness of area and the dogs enjoyed the fresh streams where they could trounce around and also drink the cool waters. The pleasant surprise/ reward at the end was a cool drink and a great meal from the cafe. The food & the hospitality were great!
— Dave Bok