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National Natural Landmark

Dismals Canyon - located in Northwest Alabama - is an 85 acre Natural Conservatory privately owned and operated. It is not a State Park or National Park. However, it was designated a "National Natural Landmark" in 1975 by the National Natural Landmarks Program. NNLs are administered by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.

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Cozy Cabins

Dismals Canyon offers two romantic cabins; "Bringing Up The Moon" and "Bringing Down The Sun". Constructed inside and out of Western Red Cedar, with vaulted ceilings, stone fireplaces, hardwood floors, stainless steel / limestone countertops. Available by reservation 365 days a year.
To make reservations call: (205) 993-4559

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Dismalites (glowworms)

Past twilight the canyon lights up with tiny bioluminescent creatures we call Dismalites. These "glowworms" require a select habitat to survive and are unique to only a few places on Earth. They are “close cousins” of the rare glowworms found in Australia and New Zealand.

Guided night tours allow visitors to see these unique insects.


Take a Hike!

Take a couple of hours to hike the canyon floor and experience this beautiful sunken forest. Explore the strange and beautiful labyrinth of caverns and grottos. A 1.5 mile hiking trail on the canyon floor follows Dismals Branch through sky-reaching boulders, past thundering waterfalls, into a secret world of mossy-green and pearl gray filled with ferns and giant trees.

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Rustic Luxury

Rest & relax in one of our two cozy cabins; "Bringing Up The Moon" and "Bringing Down The Sun". The details of hospitality are unsurpassed - comfy throws, Tiffany lamps, books, and magazines, and welcoming refreshments. Everything is furnished from rocking chairs to freshly ironed sheets. A complimentary wine basket (wine, cheese, & grapes) awaits your arrival.

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Past twilight the canyon lights up with tiny bioluminescent creatures we call Dismalites.

“Although the creatures known locally as Dismalites are “close cousins” of rare glowworms found in Australia and New Zealand, they are actually fly larvae”

— Auburn University entomologist Gary Mullen

Guided Night Tours allow visitors to see these unique insects.

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Soda Fountain

Old-fashion milk shakes, malts, & sundaes • Ice cream & ice cream sodas • Sandwiches • Slug Burgers & more.

The Soda Fountain & Grill is conveniently located in the Country Store, on your way out of (or into) the canyon.


Massage Offerings

Available to cabin guests, day guests & campers - Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Pregnancy massage, Mini Facial, Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Couples Massage, Couples Deep Tissue and more.

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Country Store

Shop at the Old Country Store in an atmosphere as old as the dust between the floorboards. Find glistening jars of candy, Indian wares, gifts, postcards, and a Soda Fountain & Grill.



Got a Wild Hare for a weekday getaway? Hop on over to Dismals Canyon and take advantage of our low Wild Hare Cabin rates! Current Wild Hare dates are: March 20, 21, 22. Wild Hare dates are always changing, so check back often. Call to book your escape.



Due to recent severe weather and excessive flooding in the past month the canyon has suffered some minor damage. You may encounter debris and downed trees during your hike but please understand that we can not control Mother Nature and are diligently working to restore the Canyon to its pristine state. The trail is completely safe and we welcome everyone to come experience the beauty of the Canyon. Thank you for your understanding.

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Open 7 days a week for the month of March

Open weekends only April to Memorial Day
Open 7 days a week Memorial Day to Labor Day

Cabins & Group Tours available by reservation year round - except for February.


May the Forest Be With You!

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